Updated: Apr 26

If you have visited The Care Group recently with sore muscles or joints, you may have received a sample of No More Aches Cayenne Plus Cream. Dr. Guillory discovered this cream, made by Taspen’s Organics, at the South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market. He stopped at Taspen’s stand and rubbed a dab of the cream on a sore knuckle. By the time he reached the other end of the farmer’s market, his pain was gone! He went back to find out what this cream was all about. The story behind Taspen’s Organics and their miracle cream is what you will read here.

Taspen’s Organics is a local company that was started a decade ago by Heather and Keith Baruch in Conifer, CO. Heather had worked for many years as a registered nurse in Denver and then became a master herbalist. The first product she formulated was out of necessity: when her baby had diaper rash, she was appalled that even products in health food stores contained toxic ingredients, so she formulated her own diaper rash salve. She then formulated Restore and Revive to deal with eczema and skin rashes. She and her husband initially launched Taspen’s Organics with these and other products for babies and children. Incidentally, Taspen’s is named after their 2 children—Taylor and Aspen.

The cream that Dr. Guillory discovered at the farmer’s market was another product that Heather formulated by necessity. She had developed a form of foot pain called plantar fasciitis from her long hours of standing as a nurse. The No More Aches Cayenne Plus Cream soothed that pain. One of the key ingredients in the cream is capsaicin—a compound extracted from cayenne peppers. Capsaicin decreases the amount of Substance P, which is a substance that communicates the sensation of pain from the body to the brain. Capsaicin is also the active ingredient in other common pain relief creams, like Zostrix Arthritis Pain Relief Cream. But Taspen’s cream is different than most over-the counter creams because it also contains essential oils, healing herbs, and absolutely no preservatives or toxic ingredients.

The No More Aches Cayenne Plus Cream is just one of several products in Taspen’s No Aches line. Liz Loebe, sales and wholesale specialist for Taspen’s, recommends the cream for larger , like in the shoulders and back, and a salve version of the same product for pains in fingers and toes. She says that the salve quickly soaks into small joints to bring rapid relief. They also offer one in a ChapStick style to carry in a bag or purse.

Taspen’s Organics has grown to offer a range of therapeutic products, including facial care products, sunscreens, insect repellants, herbal tinctures, and of course the No More Aches line. If you see them at a Farmer’s Market, like Dr. Guillory did, you will see their banner showing the long list of ailments their products can relieve. Taspen’s Organics is for anyone looking for a clean and non-toxic alternative to the mass-produced products they find in retail stores.

You can order products from the Taspen’s Organics website, stop at their store at Flatirons Mall in Broomfield, CO, or purchase items at kiosks in every concourse of Denver International Airport. At the company’s main location in Conifer, CO, you can browse their products and also enjoy a nutritious, non-GMO breakfast or lunch from their organic kitchen.

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About the Author: Dr. Gerard Guillory, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has published two books on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In 1985, he opened The Care Group, PC. Today, his clinic is a Primary Care facility that is a hybrid of functional and traditional medicine treating patients with digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, and other conditions. You can learn more about Dr. Guillory here.