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To provide you with the best care, make sure to bring in all medications that are prescribed by all providers, over the counter medicine, and herbal supplements. This helps us anticipate any drug interaction and prescribe the correct dosages. Click here to download a form that may help you pull all your prescription information together.

Medication/Supplement List

Prescriptions Refills

Please plan accordingly for prescription refills and call your pharmacy several days before your medication runs out. The pharmacy will fax over a refill request. It will take up to three business days to process prescription refills (by The Care Group, PC and your pharmacy) and refill requests are not accepted over the phone. If it’s been several months since your last appointment, you may be asked to make an appointment to refill your prescription. If a new prescription is required, your pharmacy will notify us and your provider will either fax the prescription to the pharmacy or call you to set up an appointment.

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All patients require a History and Physical exam within one month of the surgery date.

If you are coming in for a Preoperative Evaluation, please fill out the Preoperative Questionnaire. This form allows us to obtain up-to-date information before your surgery.

Preoperative Questionnaire

HIPAA Consent

We are committed to excellent patient care and the compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. Each patient signs the consent to the use and disclosure of personal health information (PHI) for the treatment, payment, or healthcare operations.

HIPAA Consent Form
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Annual Exam vs Office Visit

Your annual physical exam is a preventative care evaluation of your wellness. This preventive examination allows a discussion of life changes to promote your health and well-being. An Office Visit addresses concerns or health issues separate from the preventative. The attached form discusses the difference in billing.

Physical Exam or Office Visit?

Sports Physical

We also have a health history for annual sports physicals. If you are coming to the office for a sports physical you can download that form here.

Sports Physical Form

IBS Patients

If you will be seeing Dr. Guillory about Irritable Bowel Syndrome I(BS), please be sure to fill out the IBS Questionnaire and bring with you. Link to form below.

IBS Questionnaire
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Medical Records Release
Medical Records Request