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In 33 years of private practice, the Care Group has evolved with the functional healthcare movement. As a physician, it’s my job to stay on top of the latest information to provide our patients with cutting-edge care. One way we strive to achieve this goal is through our student program.

Over the years, our team has hosted hundreds of medical students, medical assistant students, physician assistant students, and nurse practitioner students in the office. We are fortunate to serve patients who appreciate the value these relationships bring by providing fresh eyes, bright minds, and heartfelt attention to each visit.

Here are 3 ways that your patient experience is enhanced through our students:

1. You Get Cutting-Edge Care

Medical students are taking courses, rotating through multiple specialty clinics and hospitals, and studying for board exams. They are often asked to research a particular topic on the Internet to explore the most up-to-date information.

2. You Get Undivided Attention

We only accept medical students who are passionate about learning the ropes of functional medicine and beyond. Part of the reason why functional medicine is so effective is its approach, which considers the body as a whole. Students are key in helping us piece together your overall health. They ask bright and relevant questions that they report back to the provider – giving us further insight into your system and all of its unique functions.

3. You Get the Best of Both Worlds

I challenge my students to look beyond their conventional training and to learn the latest in functional medicine practices. On the flip side, they inform me about their current training in traditional medicine. This is the beauty of students and something I like to call “reverse mentorship”. These bright minds bring a wealth of information to each visit and, together, we formulate a patient plan that borrows from the best of traditional and functional medicine.

Young Dr. Gerard Guillory The Bottom Line is – Better Patient Care

I went to medical school 3 decades ago, so I need to stay up-to-date on the most current trends to keep up with these students. I have my students review patient histories in the chart, research each case, look up the latest treatments, and relate it to what they are learning in their current courses. It not only leverages my time but also keeps me on my toes. Interacting with students who are learning the latest in current medicine keeps my mind fresh and helps me learn along with the new generation.

I have no doubt that our medical students improve the quality of care you receive at the Care Group. The next time you have a student in the room with you, realize you are contributing to medical education and they are there as a resource to maximize your experience.

What Our Medical Students are Saying:

“My rotation with Dr. Guillory was the first time I was exposed to functional medicine. It was inspiring to see that Dr. Guillory never stops reading on the latest functional medicine practices. This rotation has shown me that natural medicines can create life-altering changes for patients and empower patients to be in control of their own health. Dr. Guillory has added new tools to my tool belt, which I am excited to carry into my own future practice.”


“We learn the textbook knowledge of the disease-drug model in school, but Dr. Guillory takes things a step further to consider all organs and body systems as one and to get to the root cause of the problem. A big take-away that I have learned from Dr. Guillory is that ‘any new patient complaint is a drug side effect until proven otherwise.’ I have learned, for the first time, that natural treatments produce ‘side benefits,’ as opposed to the common ‘side effect’ of pharmaceutical drugs.”


“My experience as a student at the Care Group was extremely encouraging and it certainly solidified my goal of becoming a functional medicine primary care physician. Dr. Guillory is a natural teacher and effortlessly provided guidance. The amount of time he spends with each of his patients is in stark contrast to other physicians I have shadowed. He seems to treat each case as an investigation to uncover the underlying cause of each patient’s ailment. I was thrilled to observe him dedicate significant time toward educating each patient on nutrition and gut health. In my free time, I enjoy reading current research on both of those topics and was inspired to see how this data can be put into practice.”

– Andrea

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About the Author: Dr. Gerard Guillory, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has published two books on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In 1985, he opened The Care Group, PC. Today, his clinic is a Primary Care facility that is a hybrid of functional and traditional medicine treating patients with digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, and other conditions. You can learn more about Dr. Guillory here.