Aches and Pains? There’s a Cream for That!


Updated: Apr 26 If you have visited The Care Group recently with sore muscles or joints, you may have received a sample of No More Aches Cayenne Plus Cream. Dr. Guillory discovered this cream, made by Taspen’s Organics, at the South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market. He stopped at Taspen’s stand and rubbed a dab [...]

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How Can We Better Treat Joint Pains?


A shocking 1 in 4 US adults suffer from joint aches and pains—according to the most recent report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).[1] That equates to 54.4 million Americans. Even more surprising is that most of these people are not old—they are under the age of 65 and active in the workforce.​Joint [...]

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Why Vitamin D Might Cause Erectile Dysfunction and How to Fix It


I had a patient quit taking vitamin D because he thought that it caused erectile dysfunction (ED). I have now seen this happen in several men. This seems contradictory, as vitamin D is thought to improve cardiovascular and sexual health: studies actually show that the more depleted a man is in vitamin D, the [...]

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Brain Health Series #1 – How do you protect your brain as you age?


You spoke and we listened. After reviewing your survey responses from the spring, we found that many of our patients are concerned about brain health - and rightfully so. That's why we composed this series to guide you through a 4-pronged approach to brain health. Through the end of the summer, follow along with this [...]

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Intermittent Fasting


Updated: Apr 26,2019 Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity in fitness and health circles as the latest dietary trend. Intermittent fasting refers to alternating times of fasting with times of feasting. Intermittent fasting protocols can be grouped into 3 categories: Alternate-Day Fasting. These protocols designate 1-3 days per week (or every other day) to fast. Non-fasting [...]

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Vitamin D


Vitamin D is sometimes referred to as “the sunshine vitamin” because our bodies synthesize vitamin D when our skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is also categorized as a fat-soluble vitamin because it is found in a few fatty foods, including fish liver oil, beef liver, and egg yolks. More accurately, [...]

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