During this challenging time, we are happy to report some good news. The Care Group can now open the doors and welcome back our patients into our office.

This last month, we were bombarded with concern and gratitude from our patients. Thank you to everyone who helped us make a graceful switch to Telehealth in this emergency situation.

Our philosophy about this ordeal aligns with the Governor who said: “We just ran the sprint but we are gearing up for the marathon.” We believe that by taking new and necessary precautions, we can continue to deliver quality healthcare amidst the new normal.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we are:

– Wearing masks

– Practicing social distancing

– Limiting the capacity in the waiting room

– Taking patients back to exam rooms as quick as possible

– Thoroughly disinfecting exam rooms after each visit

– Routinely disinfecting the office

– Encouraging Telehealth appointments

We ask that you:

– Stay home if you have respiratory symptoms or an acute illness and schedule a Telehealth appointment

– For the time being, you will be required to enter the building on the South side main entrance to be screened by hospital personnel

– Wear a mask while in the office

– Do not wear gloves in the office (hand sanitizer will be provided)

– Practice social distancing

– When in doubt about whether you should come into the office or not, please call us for guidance at 303.343.3121

Our providers and staff have been fielding hundreds of calls, many related to concerns over the COVID19 virus. In connecting with our patients over the last month, we can safely say that our community seems to be faring well. We would like to think this is because of our preventative approach to medicine.

One way to boost your immune system and prevent respiratory infections is supplemental Vitamin D. Over the years, we have strongly encouraged all of our patients to optimize their Vitamin D level. You might also want to check out our updated supplement website where you can find quality products for Immune Support, Pain and Inflammation, Stress, and more.

As a reminder, this is also a great time to detox. Just like cleaning out your closet, your vital organs need a revamp as well. Whether you dive into the Leaky Gut Protocol or explore our 7 Day Liver Detox, this is the ideal time to flush your system so you are ready to fight off infection.

If you would like some guidance on the best ways to protect yourself and boost your immune system, please schedule an appointment with one of our in-house functional nutritionists.

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In health,

Dr. G & The Care Group team